Divisions Ages Weights
Mightymites  6 Under
1st Grade
  BC = 75lbs
Tinymites  7 Under
2nd Grade
  BC = 85lbs
PeeWee  8 Under
3rd Grade
  BC = 95lbs
Bantumweight  9 Under
4th Grade
  BC = 115lbs
Lightweight  10 Under
5th Grade
  BC = 125lbs
Welterweight  11 Under
6th Grade
  BC = 135lbs
Middleweight  12 Under
7th Grade
  BC = 145lbs
Cruiserweight  13 Under
8th Grade
  BC = Unlimited
Heavyweight  14 Under
9th Grade
  BC = Unlimited
Varsity  15 Under
10th Grade
  BC = Unlimited
"Note: BC = Ball Carrier"

"May 1st" cut-off Date"

Brackets contain the Max weights and Age requirements for the SnapperBowl Classic in each Division. A players age on or after May 1st, is his or her age for the season. The SnapperBowl maintains competitive divisions ranging from 6u to 15u, with teams attending from all over the United States. Leagues regulate there Max age and weight of teams including the "May 1st" cut-off Date. No Exception or Concession will be allowed.

The Age and Weight Chart shows the Maximum Age and Weights for each Bracket for Tournament play. Teams attending The SnapperBowl Classic know that they Played the Best Competition any where in the United States, and leave knowing that they are one of the Best Youth Football Team Around.

Max Age and Weight insures Teams, that they are Playing the Best in there Age and Weight Group and not Playing just Hand Picked Teams. Please accept our invitation to join this Family Fun filled, Thanksgiving Weekend, at the Worlds Most Beautiful Beaches in Panama City Beach, FL. as we welcome you and your organization to The Annual Ultimate Tournament of Champions, The Birth Place for Youth Football Tournament in the USA today, The SnapperBowl Classic.